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Camping & RV Reservations

Which Park?

Please be advised that your soonest advanced reservation arrival date is 14 days from today. Check out TONIGHT'S Outlook! for first come first served access.

TONIGHT'S     Outlook! Unoccupied sites at this time *
Lake Solano Park 20 Sites
Sandy Beach Park 0 Sites
Youth Group Area 1 Sites

* These numbers change from minute to minute as people claim open sites and we get them into the system.

Frequently Asked Questions!

I qualify for the Senior / Disabled Rate for camping, how do I get this? I qualify for a reduced rate for the annual pass, how can I get this? Does Lake Solano rent boats? If so, when? Can I bring my dog to the park? Are Campfires allowed? How many vehicles can I have at my campsite? Is there a place at the park where I can park vehicels if I have more than than two? What is the cancellation / refund policy? Day use at Sandy Beach County Park and Campground How to contact us?